Turn up the volume and get ready to unleash your child's inner singer.

This interactive karaoke is the perfect add-on to any slumber party and will for sure get the party started for your slumber tribe. 

Kids will be able to sing and dance to some of the latest and trendiest songs from Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, Beyonce, Katy Perry, and many more! 



* Karaoke machine - wireless microphone speaker with disco ball and LED lighting 

* Ready to go iPad with karaoke software

* 2X Wireless bluetooth microphones


This is the perfect party add-on to enjoy a girly sleepover. 

Double the fun for your child's slumber party by renting a rack of pink robes and eye masks.


This will, without a doubt, create an amazingly memorable experience for your child and guests. 





* 1X white Rack 

* 4X Pink Robes (extras available)

* 4X Sleep masks (extras available)




What's a sleepover without movies? This add-on promises the perfect slumber party for children who just want to have fun!

Bring out the fun with our outdoor cinema rental. You can add it to your sleepover party or rent it separately for a cinema experience under the sky and in the comfort of your backyard.  




*  White screen

* Projector 

* Bose sound bar

* 10X outdoor chairs

* 6x9 jute rug

* 6X pillows 

* 2X fan towers

* Decorative lights

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