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Bell Tents & Cabanas

Bring the magic of the glamping experience to your home!

Planning to give your child or loved one a unique experience to celebrate a special day? Don’t worry! The Sleepover Co offers whimsical bell tent party rentals for kids and adults in Houston and the bay area. We will help you plan the perfect glamping experience to surprise your kid with the most magical theme. we will set up and break down the party for you, offering you a hassle-free service for your next party. Our bell tent rental can be set up in the comfort of your backyard. and depending on the weather and number of guests, kids and adults can actually spend the night in the tent! 


The Sleepover Co offers high-quality bell tents and camping tent rentals. Our bell tents can be customized for your children to enjoy a magical glamping experience. We provide not only camping tents but also all the decorations such as soft furnishing,  rugs, blankets, lighting, throw pillows, side tables, balloons, personalized backdrops, and more, to make parties bright and enjoyable. 


Hire our luxury bell tents for kids in Houston and the bay area for fun and entertainment. Let your children experience the outdoors in the comfort of your home. Bring the fun on holidays, weekends, birthdays, tea parties, and other events. 


we offer you a fresh take on entertainment with our whimsical outdoor glamping tents! 

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