sleepover in a box in 4 easy steps


get a quote

Call or email us to receive a quote.


'sleepover in a box'

delivered to your door

once  your reservation is confirmed and paid for, your 'sleepover in a box' will be delivered to arrive 1 day prior to your event date. This will give you time to set up and decorate your party!



time to get creative and set up your sleepover party. no worries - we will provide instructions on how to set up for your big day!


time to pack & return

after a night filled with fun, you will repack everything as you originally received it.

we will have your packages picked up at your home to be returned. 

Frequently asked questions

How does the 'Sleepover In A Box' work?

After you request and accept your price quote, sign the contract and pay for the deposit, your reservation will be confirmed with us. Final payment will be due two days prior to shipment. Once we have received your final payment, we will send you an 'All You Need To Know' email that will list all the details of your party renta: shipment arrival, tracking number, return, set up instructions, supply list, and other important information. You will receive your 'Sleepover In A Box' at least one day before your event day. This will give you time to set up and decorate your sleepover party. Set up instructions will be included in your package. When your party is over, you will repackage your party items in the original packaging and we will have a mail service pick up the packages at your home. Package will be picked up the following Monday after your event.

Do I have to pay for shipping?

Flat rate round trip shipping fees will be included on your price quote and invoice. This rate is not included on the sleepover party package you rent and varies upon your location. You may request a rush delivery service for an extra fee.

What are the dimensions of the tents?

The dimensions of our tents are approximately 60 Inches (H) x 52 Inches (W) x 52 Inches (D). You can arrange the tents in various ways to work around your space. If you need help calculating this, please give us a call or send us an email and we will be more than happy to assist you. Remember that you will need to clear the area for setting up. If you want the tents facing each other, you will need to leave 1 or 2 feet distance between the tents. This will leave room for the kids to walk in the middle and access their tents. Our inflatable mattresses are 75 Inches (L) x 24 Inches (W) x 5 Inches (H) and come with a built in pump.

How do I set up the tents?

Tents are very easy to assemble but we always recommend having an extra person for help. Setting up 4 tents can take up to 2 hrs for the first time. Hence the extra help needed ;-) The first thing you will want to do is clean and remove any furniture in your setup area. Next, take out the instructions provided on your package and follow these for an easy assemble. No extra supplies will be needed to set up your party - you will find everything you need in the box you receive. The only thing you will need to get is duck tape or shipping tape to retape the boxes after repacking.

How do I return the items?

This is the easiest part! We will schedule a pick up at your home. This service is already included in your shipping fee. All you have to do is ensure that the tents and all decoration and materials you received, are repacked and sealed prior to pick up.

Are there fees for a late return?

Yes! If your return is late, you will be charged an automated $75 fee every day until you ship the package back to us.

What happens if the package is not returned?

In this case, you will be responsible for paying 100% of the full retail price to replace the items that you are not returning. This will be in addition to the late fees.

What happens is a package gets lost in the mail?

If your shipment has already received a tracking number, but we do not receive the package, you will not be subject to any fees. If you do not receive your shipment in the mail due to the package being lost, we will refund you 100% of your payment and/or offer to reschedule your next event. We will not refund packages that have been tracked as delivered. It is your responsibility to be home when the package is delivered. If you wish to pick up your package at a local UPS center, please let us know in advance.

What if items get damaged?

We know that rentals wear and tear. However, if we receive broken tents, ripped fabric, ripped mattresses, or items are missing from your rental, you will be in charge of replacing the items and pay 100% of the full price. It is very important that you repackage the items in the same way that we shipped them to you. This includes securely taping the boxes prior to pick up.

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